Tremper Albino Incubation Temperature Project
Albino Male Albino Female Albino Female
Incubated @ 90 for 38 days Incubated @ 80 for 57 days Incubated @ 80 for 21 days then 90 for 27 days
Luther Lana
Petco Rescue in 5/00 Petco Rescue 8/01





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mean old gecko lady
  Johnson Controller





September 30, 1986 - July 3, 2003

Yesterday I said goodbye for the last time to my beloved little companion of nearly 17 years. Max was my Schnauzer, but more than that he was a vital member of my family. Never in my life have I had such a wonderful dog... intelligent, devoted, alert, fun, affectionate, responsive, and so full of personality and character. Words cannot express the joy and enrichment my little friend brought into my life, and how fortunate and grateful I am that we could share so many happy years together. My memories of him will be a priceless treasure that I will cherish and hold dear in my heart forever.   



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images/set-up1.JPG images/set-up2.JPG images/rack system1-1.JPG
Lacy on white paper towel @ 94 degrees    Lacy after 3 days on brown carpet         @ 90 degrees   Lacy after 7 days back on paper towel  @ 94 degrees     Lacy after 14 days on brown carpet     @ 94 degrees