Payment Options

  • We accept PayPal.  We have discontinued our credit card merchant service.

  • We will no longer accept personal checks, or payment plans. Sorry!

  • Shipping will be arranged immediately after payment is received and cleared.

  • California residents are subject to 9.25% sales tax.

  • All payments must be made is US currency.


      Hold Policy

  • We will hold geckos for up to 48 hours pending payment.

  • We will hold geckos for up to 14 days with a 25% non-refundable deposit, applied toward purchase.

  • We will hold geckos for up to 30 days with payment in full.

  • We will hold geckos indefinitely with payment in full when shipping conditions are not optimum.

  • We will hold geckos with payment in full for up to 90 days for US Military personnel.


      Cancellation Policy

  • Orders canceled after deposit or payment is received are subject to a 25% cancellation fee.


      Domestic Shipping

  • Shipping charges are calculated by destination zip code at a discount via Ship Your Reptiles

  • Geckos are shipped FedEx Overnight Express to the lower 48 United States only.

  • Shipping days are Tuesday, and Wednesday.

  • Shipping will be suspended during the last two weeks of December.

  • Delivery destinations within 75 miles of Golden Gate Geckos must be picked up at our location.

  • Shipments are packed in heavy-duty, corrugated boxes with styrofoam insulated inserts.

  • Heat/cold packs will be used when appropriate based on the current weather/temperature forecasts.


  • FedEx may not have overnight service to all cities, or limitations to guarantee their service.

  • Shipping discounts will be offered for US Military personnel.

  • We reserve the right to postpone shipping if weather temperatures are extreme - <38 or >92 degrees F.




  • All geckos are guaranteed to be 100% healthy and feeding well at the time they are sold/shipped.

  • Since we have no guarantee of their care after arrival, our responsibility ends 7 days after delivery.

  • We guarantee 100% disclosure on all known pertinent information on our geckos.

  • We guarantee that all geckos are accurately represented in their photos, or even better in real life.

  • Live arrival is guaranteed with on time deliveries and pick-ups.


     No Guarantee

  • We cannot guarantee any gecko's personality or temperament.

  • We cannot guarantee adult coloration/pattern of juvenile geckos.

  • We cannot guarantee fertility of geckos, other than disclosed proven breeders.



  • You must be at least 18 years old or have parental permission to make gecko purchases with us. 

  • You must be available to take delivery of your gecko(s) on the pre-arranged date, time, and place.

  • We cannot be held responsible for unforecasted changes in the weather during transit.

  • We cannot be held responsible for carrier related issues.

  • Refunds/exchanges are made on a case-by-case basis at our discretion.

  • We reserve the right to decline a sale if we feel it is in the best interest for our geckos.


    *** Please report problems to us immediately, and we will make every effort to solve them with you! ***


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